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Stand Up to Bullying

Elementary, middle and high school can be a rough time for anyone, but it is especially so for students with special needs who face added obstacles in the universal quest for acceptance and inclusion.

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WE NEED YOUR HELP to reach our goal of $50,000!

It starts with an anxious feeling, and quickly gets worse. Fear, depression, acts of self-harm, and even aggression soon become the norm.

Everyday thousands of students with disabilities (autism, Down Syndrome, and more) as well as youth living in adversity (foster care, homelessness, poverty, etc.) are isolated, ignored, and bullied 2-3 times more than their neuro-typical peers on school campuses. If you’ve ever felt lonely, were bullied or misunderstood as a child or young adult; or as a parent you watched your own child face these experiences, then you know that emotions matter, and matter a great deal in school.

Circle of Friends – The Path to Inclusion(“CoF”) partners with schools to establish an inclusion program on campuses to increase the understanding and acceptance of differences. As students with special needs and their neuro-typical peers interact meaningfully, perceptions are erased and they build genuine friendships - decreasing bullying and creating a safer learning environment.

There are a lot of complicated problems in the world today. Ensuring every child has the opportunity to build genuine friendships has a simple solution: include them 100% on school campuses. Be a part of the solution, invest $5, and tell someone else who wants to change a child’s life. Share this message with your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, and businesses, so every child has someone they can call “friend.”

Circle of Friends -The Path to Inclusion is a project of Community Partners, a duly registered 501(c)(3)public charity.